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Here are some of the compliments we have received from satisfied patients.  Alpharetta Eye Doctor, Dr. Ajit Nemi, enjoys hearing from his patients and always strives to provide excellent service and eye care.

I feel so fortunate to have had Dr. Nemi recommended to me 8 years ago. I was one of his first patients. From the beginning he has made me feel I am his only patient. He listens to your questions and concerns with genuine interest. He takes time to explain what’s going on with complete thoroughness and honesty. He has a good bedside manner. He and his staff possess a high degree of competence. Dr. Nemi is truly an expert on the anatomy of the eye. He monitored my progression of cataracts to the stage surgery was necessary. The surgery drastically improved my quality of my life. I highly recommend Lotus Vision.

Lynn R., Atlanta, GA

I don't know how to thank you so much for such a dynamic afternoon. You were all great. You have so many rooms full of machines. I'm impressed beyond expression. Look forward to another visit.

R. Janes, Alpharetta, GA

Since 2013, Dr. Nemi of Lotus Vision Comprehensive Eye Care has treated my eyes for vision issues, blepharitis and dry eyes. This year, 2016, he performed cataract surgery and laser treatment for astigmatism--more on that later. As a result of these multiple issues, I have been to his office approximately two dozen times.

I remain amazed and appreciative how knowledgeable, precise and determined Dr. Nemi is to provide the very best care for me, a patient with a number of eye issues, each issue requiring expertise. I have received the very best care imaginable resulting in manageable blepharitis and dry eyes.

This year, my regular exam revealed that my cataracts required surgery. Dr. Nemi provided every option to me, informing me of the advantages and likely outcomes of each option.

Although I was mildly apprehensive about the prospect two eye surgeries causing issues with the dry eyes and blepharitis, Dr. Nemi and his staff guided me through the process with utter professionalism and clarity. My many questions were answered completely.

After the first surgery, I could see so well with the eye that had the new lens--edges far and near crisp and colors so vivid--that I was eager for the second surgery. Imagine that, looking forward to surgery!

The surgeries were comfortable and performed in an inviting, professional surgical facility. By taking Dr. Nemi's advice, I now have 20/20 vision after years of needing bifocal contacts or glasses for 20/100 vision.

I've now completed the aftercare for the second surgery. Two weeks ago, I noticed that I did not reach for my glasses first thing upon awaking in the morning, something that I've done for 30 years! I simply do not need vision correction and although it took a couple of weeks after the second surgery to stop reaching for glasses that I no longer need.

Dr. Nemi's skills and expertise both as a clinician and as a surgeon earn my highest praises. Lotus Vision's welcoming and professional office staff deserve more than a mention, as their competence and client skills are absolutely the best I've seen.

Lotus Vision Comprehensive Eye Care provides the very best eye care and I give this practice the highest rating.

Terre S., Norcross, GA

It was only six months since the last increase in my eyeglasses prescription, which was done by the optometrist. But I kept noticing I was having more and more difficulty with blurriness in my vision and I was thinking I needed a new prescription... again! I knew I had a cataract in one eye, so I decided it was time to see an ophthalmologist. To my surprise, I had cataracts in both eyes. I agreed to have the cataracts removed from both eyes, but all I expected was that my vision would not be as cloudy and I would still have the same eyeglasses prescription. To my amazement, Dr. Nemi gave me the gift of new eyesight. I now have 20/20 vision, the world is brighter, and all I need are some very mild 'readers.'

I highly recommend Dr. Nemi to anyone whose eyesight is declining. Dr. Nemi is a very kind, gentle physician who takes the time to answer all the questions his patients have. To my surprise, he actually called me at home after my cataract surgery to be certain I was doing well. That is something that is not common for most surgeons who have taken care of me.

Lois W., Roswell, GA

After night driving seemed to become more difficult, I decided to seek out an ophthalmologist. I googled doctors from the area and found Dr. Ajit Nemi. His medical school (Tufts University) is one of the best in New England. My dad had wonderful care at Tufts Medical Center so I knew the doctor was a top student having trained at this facility. The rest of his training is also fantastic, as you can see.
My diagnosis of cataracts was presented by Dr. Nemi as something I could wait on or take care of now if they were interfering with daily activities. My wife was very happy that I decided to go ahead now. She was afraid to drive at night with me. The left eye was done first and the right eye a month later. No glasses now! All aspects of the treatment were flawless and very punctual. The bottom line is I would recommend Dr. Nemi to anyone!

Raymond S., Alpharetta, GA

Dear Dr. Nemi,

Thank you so much for always being proactively concerned about my family's vision and eye health. In particular, I was most impressed and grateful that you were so responsive - in calling me back and seeing me immediately when I was anguised by the growth in my eye.

Your professionalism and dedication to your patients is definitely appreciated and valued!

Jane F., Alpharetta, GA

Dear Dr. Nemi: I would be remiss if I failed to thank you for the restoration of normal sight in this aged body. Your examination, and resulting explanation, was done in a most professional, friendly and understandable manner, even for me. I left your office with confidence that you would provide excellent results in the operating room. Now that the procedures have been performed I must say the results far exceed my expectations. You have corrected my vision so that I easily read the smallest print in the newspaper without any aid what so ever and have no difficulty reading signs, or other printed material at distance.

You are without a doubt a skilled professional and I could not be more pleased that your talent has provided me with a much more comfortable lifestyle. Hopefully many more patients will heed your counsel and share similar results. Thanks again to you, your staff and the wonderful group of professionals at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. Y’all are the best!!!

Tom L., Retired Police Officer, Cartersville, GA

Dr. Nemi and his staff have been life changers for me. In January of 2010, I was suffering with extreme eye pain and had to use artificial tears up to 30 times a day. Dr. Nemi and Danielle went above and beyond to help diagnose the underlying condition and prescribe relief for my symptoms. His equipment is cutting edge, state of the art to look at all aspects of the eyes. He is always on time and professional yet speaks in real people language when explaining a diagnosis and treatment plan. I am thankful everyday for Dr. Nemi and his staff who gave assurances that help would be given for my unusual condition. Thank you Lotus Vision.

Lynne T., Alpharetta, GA

I just wanted to say thank you for everything with the visit yesterday. I was really impressed with the flexibility in the office, especially with the impromptu visit for my husband, Chris. I was also impressed not just with the knowledge Dr. Nemi showed (seeing the degrees in the lobby I shouldn't have been surprised) and how he thoroughly explained everything to me so that I understood, not just saying I wasn't a good candidate and leaving it at that, which has happened to me before in different situations. Everyone was so very friendly and I will be coming back, regardless of the drive. When you find a good doctor you don't give them up.

Danielle K., Kennesaw, GA

I am a patient of Dr. Ajit Nemi's and recently had cataract surgery. I elected for Tecnis Multifocal Lenses and have had excellent results. I no longer use glasses and I am able to read even small type with no trouble at all. My distance vision is, of course, also excellent. Prior to my surgery, Dr. Nemi told me that not all patients experience the same results and that I may or may not subsequently need glasses for reading. Fortunately, I do not.

In addition to his great personality, I especially appreciate Dr. Nemi's professional knowledge and demeanor. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Nemi to anyone and, also, I do not hesitate to recommend the Tecnis Multifocal Lens.

Richard W., Woodstock, GA

I am delighted to say I am very impressed with the professional and expert service I have received. Doctor Nemi and his staff are pleasant, well organized and careful. The cataract surgery he performed was flawless. My eyesight is better now than in many years.

R.A., Alpharetta, GA

Not a day goes by that I wake up in awe of how clear everything is. It will be three months since my surgery and I can't thank you enough. You are truly talented and work with a great staff. I appreciate the fact that you were very thorough and took the time to put me at ease for both the pre-op visit and actual surgery. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks!

M.G., Cumming, GA

We just wanted to compliment you and your staff on my recent laser procedure and eyeglass purchase. Lotus Vision is the best! Thanks again.

Carmen & Russ D., Cumming, GA

Wow! I have never had better vision in my life than now. I had cataract surgery on my left eye, July 7, 2010 and on my right eye, June 23, 2010. No pain with either eye.

Cataract Evaluation/Consultation:
• Professional, informative and personalized.
• Exam and measurements all completed personally by Dr. Nemi.
• Lens and vision options thoroughly explained.
o Choose from the best lenses on the market that will meet your restored vision goals.
• I wanted to get away from glasses, so I selected the AcrySof ReSTOR multi-focal lens.
• I was advised that I might need readers in very dim/low lighting.

Surgical Experience
• Nothing short of outstanding!
• Dr. Nemi and his staff are incredible.
• The caring and kind medical professionals at Emory Johns Creek made the admissions, pre-op, surgery, and post-op processes so smooth…flawless in my opinion.

The Results

My visual acuity is excellent… it is like seeing in HD. The richness of colors and the contrast are extraordinary. I didn’t realize how faded and dirty the world looked to me because of the cataracts. I’m very happy with my lens choice. The day after surgery, I can say I was seeing nearly at 20/20 on distance/intermediate and reading very well with the smaller than normal print. My expectation is that I will need reading glass under very low-light conditions. Other than that, I will never have a need for prescription glasses again.

Mike L., Alpharetta, GA

Do you suffer from poor vision and cataracts? I did, and, as a teacher I needed my eyes to be in top-notch shape, not clouded by cataracts and held hostage by two pairs of glasses on bothersome cords dangling around my neck or perched on my nose. My optometrist recommended Dr. Nemi for cataract surgery, and it was with high hopes that I eagerly sought him out. I was delighted to find a doctor of his caliber just 15 minutes from my home.

What a terrific experience! Dr. Nemi expertly examined and diagnosed my vision problems. He then carefully and completely explained all my options. I learned that I was an excellent candidate for ReSTOR multi-focal lens implants. These lenses were perfectly implanted in two quick, painless surgeries two weeks apart. My vision immediately improved dramatically and continued to improve further with each passing day till I was seeing with fine-tuned precision. What an amazing and satisfying experience it is for me now, seeing true, bright colors with 20/20 vision. Those pre-ReSTOR lens implant days are now just a foggy memory. Thank you to the whole LOTUS VISION team for restoring my eyesight with the incredible ReSTOR lenses and the even more remarkable doctor who implanted them!"

M.B., Teacher, Alpharetta, GA

I cannot overstate the value of the LASIK surgery. LOTUS VISION, Dr. Nemi, and his staff were wonderful to me throughout the entire process. Dr. Nemi is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and helped me to understand the difference between the different surgeries even the non surgical options, all while making sure I was comfortable with each step. The staff at LOTUS VISION is extremely courteous, friendly and helped me with payment options for my LASIK. This attention to my comfort at all levels was why I ultimately choose LOTUS VISION to perform me surgery. My surgery only took a few minutes and with incredible results. I write this a couple weeks later without glasses, contacts and 20/20 vision. Dr. Nemi has given me a view on the world that I have been missing for 19 years, now free of glasses, contacts or limited vision. I deeply advocate having LASIK and Dr. Nemi is a tremendous asset to his field. Thanks LOTUS VISION for opening my eyes to what the world should look like.

J.W., Consumer Electronics, Cumming, GA

Dr. Nemi was referred to me by my long–time personal physician and friend/confidant, Dr. D. Patel, and I must say that Dr. Nemi and his staff exceeded my high expectations for correcting the cataracts in both of my eyes through surgery and consultation.

Yes, I am extremely grateful to this gifted and accomplished man of medicine for restoring my sight, as well as preserving my confidence and faith in believing that one “earns the right to win the business” by excellent, skilled practice and professional service, as well as personally caring for clients.

Kudos, Dr. Nemi, you deserve the recognition afforded to those who are the best in their field of practice!

R.E.D., Ph.D., Professor, Cumming, GA

I am very pleased to provide to Ajit Nemi, MD a glowing recommendation. The 10-minute epi-LASIK procedure has given me 20/15 eyesight! For the very first time in a long time, I can drive without corrective lenses, participate more easily in sports activities, and actually see first thing in the morning without glasses or contacts. Dr. Ajit Nemi explained my options, answered all my questions and gave me realistic expectations, then exceeded them. I am telling all my friends and neighbors to visit LOTUS VISION for great service and excellent results.

M.S., Consultant, Atlanta, GA

For as long as I can remember, I have had glasses. I remember playing softball in elementary school with cumbersome frames. I also remember hiding my glasses anytime someone was taking a picture. In junior high, I finally got contacts, only to realize this came with its own set of problems. Allergies and early mornings made contacts unbearable to wear. Finally after 20 years of being near-sighted, I found a solution – LASIK.

I chose Dr. Nemi to be my eye surgeon. From my first pre-op visit, I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Nemi and his staff at LOTUS VISION were extremely professional, highly skilled, and very accommodating. They worked around my schedule and made me feel comfortable and safe.

The surgery was quick, painless, and easy. In less than 24 hours after surgery, I had 20/20 vision!

I will always be grateful to Dr. Nemi and his staff at LOTUS VISION. They gave me the gift of perfect vision (and now I can finally wear sunglasses)!"

J.G.V., MD, Physician, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Nemi performed an epi-LASIK procedure on my eyes in 2006. My 20/200 vision improved to 20/40 immediately after the surgery and to 20/20 within two months. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

M.R.M., Financial Analyst, Atlanta, GA

I was extremely happy with the fantastic results I received after Dr. Ajit Nemi performed my LASIK surgery in 2007. My eyesight is now 20/15 and I no longer have to deal with the hassle of contact lens maintenance. Dr. Nemi explained all of my options very simply and I felt that I made the right choice for my unique situation. I would highly recommend Dr. Nemi to anyone that needs routine eye care as well as those who are considering laser vision correction. He will be my family’s eye doctor for years to come!

S.D., Anesthesia PA, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Nemi epitomizes a great doctor and I would recommend him to anyone looking for services in his areas of expertise! He was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain the procedure and address my concerns. He also had great bedside manner and follow up. I had a wonderful experience with epi-LASIK thanks to Dr. Nemi and I am thrilled he is going to be practicing in Atlanta!

J.H., Realtor, Atlanta, GA