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A cataract is an opacity that clouds the natural lens inside the eye.  Normally the path of light to the retina (thin layer containing light receptors) is as clear as possible.  When proteins that make up the lens clump together, the resulting cataracts blocks some of the light, making vision blurry or hazy.

Cataracts typically occur more frequently in the aging population, however there are many other factors such as family history, diabetes, long-term UV exposure, or certain medications (e.g. - steroids) that can cause cataracts.  Also, previous eye injuries can be a contributing factor.

Cataract symptoms may include:

  • Blurry vision

  • Lights seem too bright or have a "halo" effect

  • Diplopia (double vision) in the affected eye

  • Decreased night vision - "glare" from headlights

  • Dull or fading colors

Some people may actually experience improvement in near vision during the beginning stages of a cataracts.  Unfortunately, this effect goes away as the disease progresses.  During the early stage of cataract formation, a cataract may be addressed by changing the eyeglasses or contact lens prescription.  Once the cataract begins to interfere with daily activities such as reading, computer work, or driving, surgery is the only remaining treatment option.

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